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Help Us Save Spartacus

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary

Spartacus – Groomed and ready for surgery

Sedona Shepherd was contacted about a handsome 5 year-old German Shepherd in desperate need of medical care and a new home.  Spartacus had been living in a basement with no heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer time.  He was neglected by his owner, who would leave him alone for days or weeks at a time.  If not for a caring neighbor, Spartacus would not have survived.  She made sure to feed him and give him water and love.   When Spartacus new guardian took him to a vet on her own initiative, she found out he had a rectal hernia that had not been treated for months, causing him severe pain when going to the bathroom.  He also had cyrptorchid which had never been treated.  If both of these were left untreated, especially the hernia, it would be life-threatening.

Although we knew that the procedures would be expensive and complicated, we also knew that Spartacus had nowhere else to turn.  Local authorities refused to intervene, and his ‘owner’ was not going to pay for medical treatment.  On January 2, Sedona took Spartacus into our program and immediately scheduled him to have surgery two days later.  Repairing the hernia was an even more difficult procedure because it had been left untreated for so long.  His stay at the veterinary hospital had been extended as he ran into a number of complications.  Spartacus has a trusting and sweet disposition.  The unexpected complications have stretched our finances.  His recovery was superb, however, he still needed an additional surgery to repair the other hernia.  Once he is medically cleared, Spartacus will be going to his forever home.  Please help us continue to give Spartacus the necessary care he needs to finally have a chance to live a happy life with a family that will love him and always care for him.  We have set up a YouCaring page to help raise funds to pay specifically for Spartacus veterinary bills.