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Life hasn’t been easy Ripley, an 8 year old German Shepherd. After living on streets she found herself in a high kill shelter in Pennsylvania. This is not how any dog should live let alone a sweet and affectionate dog like Ripley. Sedona came to her rescue and immediately got her the medical care she deserved. She was underweight, had worms, crusty fur, dermatitis, an ear infection and a stiff gait. With good food and proper nutrition she gained 15 pounds, was able to walk 2 miles, and the dermatitis had cleared up. Ripley was on her way to better health.

At least that is what we thought.

A visit to the vet discovered that Ripley had a mass that was impinging her left shoulder, which was causing lameness. The mass was firm but movable and was diagnosed as Liposarcoma, which are malignant tumors of the fatty tissue. An exam of a chest X-Ray and ultrasound did not show any sign of cancer but the mass still needed to be removed right away. So, that is what we did. Sedona got Ripley the care she not only needed, but the care she deserved and she now is resting comfortably with her foster family.

Thanks to a partial grant we were able to provide her surgery. However, we still need to raise an additional $1,800 to cover her surgery and care. Please help us continue Ripley’s journey to her forever home by donating towards her surgery.