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Maxwell during his time at APSCA of NYC

Maxwell ready to play fetch.

Maxwell arrives at our rescue

Recently, the ASPCA of New York City reached out to Sedona Shepherd for help with a stunningly handsome German Shepherd.  On a cold January morning, Maxwell was confiscated by the New York City Police Department from a home that had left him chained outside with no food, no water and no shelter from the cold weather. His skin was covered with open sores that at first glance looked like burns.  He developed a resistant infection and spent many weeks in quarantine, while the veterinary staff at the ASPCA of New York City treated his wounds and worked diligently at lifting his spirits.

Once Maxwell had settled in, the staff realized that as soon as he was given a squeaky ball his personality came shining through.  From then on, anytime he needed a medicated bath or vet attention, his squeaky ball kept him busy and amused.  Over the next 3 months, Maxwell’s physical and mental transformation was truly inspiring to the staff at ASPCA of New York City.  The dog whose appearance brought looks of grave concern and sadness now drew compliments from everyone he strutted passed while out on his walks in New York City.

We brought Maxwell into our program in May, his picture and story inspired much interest and plenty of applications.  A few days before Maxwell was to be adopted, he developed the life-threatening condition called bloat, where his stomach became twisted.  If not addressed immediately by surgery, Maxwell would have died within the next 12 hours.  Sedona immediately took action to save Maxwell. During the surgery, performed at Crown Veterinary Hospital, a blood clot was found near his spleen and the surgeons also had to remove his spleen.

Maxwell’s surgery was successful, but the same day his adopter had a serious back injury and was not able to adopt Maxwell. His back-up adopter was away on vacation. Luckily, one of our foster mom’s, who is a retired nurse, could take Maxwell in for a week to help him recover. Maxwell’s journey continued to his new home, who will be fostering him while we continue his post-operative care and then he will become a permanent member of his new and forever family.

Bloat and removal of a spleen is an expensive process.  Maxwell had come so far and we were going to make sure he continued to get his second chance at life.  Please consider helping us offset the cost of his surgeries by donating to care through our YouCaring fundraiser.

Maxwell after his surgery at Crown Vet

Maxwell getting his appetite back

Maxwell nice and cozy

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