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Ilbo 7

Handsome Ilbo

What a face!

A Happy Boy

ILBO – Male

Ilbo is a handsome German Shepherd who has entered Sedona Shepherd’s owner referral program.  As you can see from his pictures, Ilbo is a very photogenic boy.  He loves to lounge around and have his picture taken.  When he isn’t practicing his modeling career, Ilbo also likes to spend time with people and friends.  He isn’t just a pretty face, he is energetic and athletic and enjoys a good day out on a hike or playing ball.

Ilbo has spent time around other dogs and in general is dog friendly.  From time to time there may be a dog he doesn’t get along with.  His owner’s are looking for a proper home where he can get more attention and activity.  Ilbo is in our owner referral program.  He is currently located in Brooklyn, so if you live in the outer boroughs, he is a quick ride out to visit and get to know better.  Ilbo is about 9 years old, in good health and has lots of life and energy to share with a new family

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Playing coy with the camera

Sleepy Time

Ready for a hike