FIONA – Our First Adopted Senior

Fiona - Our First Adopted Senior Shepherd

Fiona – Our First Adopted Senior Shepherd

Fiona was brought in as a ‘stray’ to a shelter in southern New Jersey.  All she wanted was human affection.  Fiona was about 25 to 35 pounds underweight, malnourished, flea-bitten and missing half of her fur.  The “story” we were told was that her owner died and the children just neglected her.  The first night she spent at her foster home, she was restless and would not leave the side of her new foster family.  With love and care, Fiona quickly began to heal and show her friendly and playful personality.  After three weeks she had put back on almost 10 pounds.  Her fur began to grow in and she settled right into an easy routine with her new human and animal (horses, dogs and cats) friends.

Fiona’s story reached a number of potential adopters, two of whom eventually adopted another senior dog through the efforts of Sedona.  Fiona was adopted a little over a month after entering the foster program.  Her transition was easy, her new home, like her foster home had cats and horses, though no dogs.  She lives on a sprawling farm and is getting the love and attention she deserves.