FIONA – A New Look

A happy Fiona In her new bed

A happy Fiona In her new bed

Fiona keeping warm this winter

Fiona keeping warm this winter

Here's looking at you.

Here’s looking at you.

There is nothing better than hearing from our our adopters and a happy story like Fiona’s.  Here is a letter from Fiona’s mom.

“All is going really well with Fiona. Her personality is really coming out. And she is so smart. She is teaching us the commands she knows and let’s us know when she wants to go out by going to sit by her leash on the porch and giving us a little bark. I would swear she speaks English. Whoever were Fiona’s first parents it is obvious they loved her very much. And it is obvious that her first parents realized what a really smart and terrific dog she is. And that is why it breaks one’s heart to see how she ended up after her first parents disappeared from her life.”

“Fiona loves long walks and enjoys helping her new family on the farm. She’s great with our 13 cats on the farm and the horses. She loves to go for rides on any motorized vehicle – car, truck, and she’d try to get on a tractor if she could – but is actually quite happy to just sit in the parked car for hours as long as she can see us. She also takes her job as Guard Dog very seriously. Every once in a while she’ll give her “Big Girl Bark” to let everyone know that she’s on the job. And if anyone comes to visit, she immediately leans right into them with the happiest waggy doggy tail ever!”

“Fiona has gotten a bit talkative over the last month or so as she realizes that she’s part of the family. She has a waterproof winter blanket (as you will see in the video) and we have a rain sheet on order for when the weather warms up a bit and the blanket would be just too much with her weight and coat. She hates raindrops and snow flakes on her face; she’s so funny!”

“Fiona has really taken to her “retired” life style. She is not a morning person/dog. She does not run around and play, but she does run to the open car door! If you haven’t figured it out yet, we just love her to death. She’s the best dog we could have asked for and is more than we anticipated. Your video captured her true spirit and vulnerability and we are just so grateful to her foster family for taking such good care of Fiona and bringing her back from near death. I honestly believe that if it weren’t for them, we would not have the most perfect dog ever.”

“Fiona – the best dog ever!!!”