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Happy Abby

Pretty Abby

ABBY UPDATE – September 2017

Abby’s DM progressed rather quickly.  She has entered our permanent foster program.  Abby continues to receive medication and supplements for any arthritis and pain she might have.  Additionally, Abby has been outfitted with a cart, to help her get around on flat ground.  She is living comfortably with two smaller dogs and a loving couple who dote on her everyday.

Abby’s Story

Abby is a gentle, friendly and loving 10 year old German Shepherd.  The first thing Abby does when meeting new people is give a friendly bark to say hello, wag her tail and try to snuggle up and get some loving.  When other dogs approach, Abby will sniff to say, “hi” and then go on her merry way.  She plays gently with young children and is always happy around people. Abby has the beginnings of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) in her back leg.   She would do best in a home with not too many stairs.  We understand that Abby isn’t your typical adoption and our goal is to find Abby a loving family or individual to provide a forever foster home.   Sedona Shepherd will provide and pay for all of Abby’s medical care, any additional supplements for the rest of her life, as well as a cart if she would like one.

She is so easy going that she will fit into just about any home environment.  All she wants is a nice place to hang out, play some fetch and show affection to her foster family.  Abby has lived in one home for most of her life and grew up around children of all ages.  According to her prior owner she is also good with cats.  Please consider providing Abby with a nice retirement lifestyle and she will certainly reward you.


Abby with Dr. Dave

Abby getting acupuncture

Abby Profile

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