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About Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary

Gibbs – Rescued 2015

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary was founded in the fall of 2014. Our mission is to rescue and find loving homes for adult and senior German Shepherds. When possible, we help large breed shepherd mixes, or other large mix breed dogs that fall between the cracks. Sedona Shepherd is located in New Jersey. At this time we do not have our own facility, but rely on foster homes and two boarding facilities. Our goal is to one day have our own facility. For now, we are a sanctuary for those older dogs that need help. We work with many other rescue organizations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  The average age of a dog rescued by Sedona is 7 years old. This compares to the typical age of 18 months for shelter dogs. Adult and senior dogs, especially large breed dogs, are at the highest risk of being euthanized. Most shelters do not have a dedicated program to help older dogs find homes. Adult and senior dogs provide as much if not more love and affection as puppies, without the nipping, biting, messing up the house of younger dogs.


Can you be a hero? Sedona Shepherd is always looking for foster homes to help provide with our mission to rescue adult and senior shepherds from shelters. We also offer a foster to adopt program, which allows a potential adopter the ability to first foster a dog. Sedona Shepherd takes care of all the medical costs of a foster dog. All you have to do is open up your home and heart. Many of our adopters started out fostering a Sedona dog, only to fall in love and adopt.  Do you need some dog toys, training tools, or books.  Check out our online store for some cool shirts and hoodies.  Or if you need to chill out we offer CBD oil for sale.  Thank you for visiting Sedona Shepherd.

Gibbs Asks, Can You Be a Hero?