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Avery is always ready to play ball

Avery – Patiently waiting


Miss Avery Update September 2017

The Simple Minds had a song called “Alive and Kicking”.  That describes our tough girl Avery.  Despite her back legs giving out this past year, Avery has taken to her new set of  Eddie’s Wheels.  Not all dogs are comfortable with a cart, but Avery keeps on going.  She gets to travel on day trips with her foster mom, play catch on the tennis court or front yard, and to paraphrase Detective Bosch, “Every dog counts, or no dog counts”.  We don’t know how long Avery still has left with us, but she is an inspiration.

Miss Avery Update 2016

Sedona Shepherd was contacted by a shelter in Long Island about Avery in the spring of 2015. The local police found her as a stray with some medical issues related to her back legs being weak. Once Avery was in the shelter, they found out that she also was not good with other animals and about 8 to 9 years old. Those factors were working against the shelter finding a suitable and interested adopter for Avery.

Although we were aware that we would have the same difficulty in finding an adopter for Avery, when we met her we knew that she would be coming into our program. The first thing we noticed about her was her cute quirkiness and how the camera just seemed to pick up all of her personality. Give Avery a tennis ball or soccer ball, and she will just go to town with the ball. While she is completely housebroken, she loves to be outside as much as possible.

Sometimes it is hard to guess at an older, stray dog’s back story. Clearly on one hand she was well kept, she knew her commands, she had a nice coat and was trusting of people. Yet her vet inspection showed significant untreated arthritis and back leg issues and she probably had her tail broken at one point.

During Avery’s time with Sedona, she has received acupuncture and cold laser therapy treatment for her arthritis and Wobbler’s syndrome. In early December she started to show signs of Degenerative Myelopothy, which leads to her needing some assistance getting up and walking. Despite her medical issues, Avery has a lot of spunk and character and still gets around as best as possible.

Avery is currently in a foster home with only a few steps into her house. We understand that between her Degenerative Myelopothy and arthritis that the time left for her to still have a good quality of life could be a few months or another year. She is in what is now known in rescue as “fospice care.” She will stay with her foster home as long as it is possible, which at this point is through September 2016. If you are interested in Avery and would consider providing her additional fospice care let us know.

Avery is housebroken and crate trained.  At the end of the day she’ll gladly take her ball or chew toy into her crate and curl up for the night.  You can also help us help Avery by donating to her care.

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary is a German Shepherd rescue dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for adult and senior German Shepherds in New Jersey and surrounding areas.

Avery receiving acupuncture treatment

Something fun is going on, can I join?

Avery – ready for her closeup

Interested in Avery?  Shoot us a request for more information at contact@sedonashepherd.com