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Balto – A German Shepherd Husky Mix

Balto is one happy boy. He is an energetic and young German Shepherd / Husky mix who found himself hours away from not making it out of a city shelter. Today, Balto is with Sedona Shepherd, and ready to run, run, run with a new forever family. Balto comes right up to people, with his tail wagging and tongue out ready to greet with kisses and a smile. He can’t wait to get moving. He is happy on a long walk, but even happier running and playing fetch.

Balto is a youngster for Sedona Shepherd, we estimate him to be about 2 years old. Balto already knows some basic commands and is super friendly with people, sometimes a little too friendly. With all that young energy, Balto needs the right family. Balto is looking for an active home, preferably with a large area to run around in, a fenced in backyard would be perfect. Balto is not a city boy, he needs his exercise. Balto will certainly chase cats and may not be good living with another dog, so we’d like to find him a home with no other animals.

We will require an approved adopter agree to take Balto for basic obedience training. If you live in most areas of New Jersey, Canine Dimensions will offer two free in-home training sessions. If you have the time, energy and space for Balto, and have experience with large breed dogs like huskies and German shepherds, than check him out.

German Shepherd Rescue - Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary
German Shepherd Rescue Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary
Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary - German Shepherd Rescue

Interested in Balto?  Shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an online foster or adoption application.