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BELLA – An Affectionate Friendly Adult German Shepherd – ADOPTED

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Bella is an 8 year old easy going German Shepherd that loves to be around people is excited to find her new forever home.  Bella has lived with other dogs and is good around large and medium sized dogs.  She may be a little too big and excited to be around small dogs and no cats.  Bella lived with teenagers and is comfortable with everyone that she meets, always looking to make new friends.  Bella lived in a home most of her life and can be trusted to not make a mess in the house if left alone.

Bella’s owner was forced to move and not able to bring a large dog like Bella with them.  We were told that sometimes Bella can get a bit of motion sickness in the car, but we have taken her on long rides of 35 and 60 minute drives, and with a Dramamine was fine.  She has also gone on shorter car rides with us without a Dramamine.

We are looking for a nice home for Bella.  She would do great in just about any setting, from an active family to someone that just wants a nice big friendly dog.  Bella is healthy, though could stand to lose a few pounds.  Now that she is in our foster program, Bella will be getting lots of exercise and attention.


We are happy to announce Bella was adopted in October 2019.

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