Black Jack

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BLACK JACK – A Gentle German Shepherd

Black Jack is Mr. Smooth.  An easy going, happy go luck boy, Black Jack fits in just about anywhere.  We have had this lovable boy out at events and he just takes it all in.  He is happy to great new people and new dogs.  Black Jack is very photogenic when he wants to be.  Black Jack arrived at Sedona Shepherd after his owner had passed away and ended up at Philadelphia Shelter.  Black Jack has lived with other dogs, including his mom most of his life.  He walks nicely on a leash and you can check out his video arriving at Sedona and his video interacting with another dog at Philadelphia Shelter.  He is about 8 and a half years old, and in good health, although he does need to lose some weight.  If you are looking for an easy dog who will slide right into a new home, Black Jack is the dog for you.

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