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Blondie was literally an hour away from being euthanized when a saving angel came to the rescue. Blondie’s hips and back legs were weak and her ‘owner’ was spotted dragging her to the vet’s office. A local woman who had been keeping an eye on Blondie the past year called a taxi and convinced the owner to surrender Blondie to the vet. With the help of Animal Life Savers, Inc., Blondie was given immediate medical attention, which included treatment for fleas, anti-inflammatory medication, x-rays of her hips, and all of her vaccinations.

When we met Blondie, she was wobbly on her back legs. Blondie has lived outside much of her life and developed sores along her joints. X-rays confirmed that she has hip dysplasia and possibly some arthritis.

Blondie is now in a foster home with a soft bed, a loving foster mom, and a small four-legged friend who is tolerating the affection Blondie is receiving. Each day we see more and more improvement in Blondie’s stability and energy level. At first she could barely make it out of the yard, but now, after a month of good nutrition, anti-inflammatory meds, and regular walks, she can easily walk a mile at a brisk pace several times a day, especially in cooler weather. Her goal in life is to catch the train and she breaks into a trot whenever it goes by.

Blondie likes to give out little barks so everyone knows she is around. When someone comes up to say hi, she will lean her head into the person’s hand and ask for a scratch behind the ear.

We believe Blondie is about 8 years old. She has a good appetite and is trustworthy in a house.  She lived with a German Shepherd previously and lives well with the other dog in her foster home. She is reserved and polite when meeting new dogs – even small obnoxious yappy dogs. Blondie has met cats and either ignored them or barked if they hissed at her. Blondie’s needs are simple – a friendly family, a comfortable bed and love.


We are happy to announce that Blondie was successfully adopted in October 2019