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Buster – A Handsome, Smart and Loyal German Shepherd

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary is teaming up with Plainfield Humane Society to help save Buster, a handsome and friendly 7 year-old German Shepherd.  Buster is extremely intelligent and enjoys nothing more than to show off his obedience and retrieving skills.

Buster is a pure bred German Shepherd with all the expected good looks of the breed.  He has lived with a family most of his life.  Unfortunately, in the past year, Buster had two bite incidents and was surrendered to the shelter.  According to his owner, the first occurred over some food that he took off a table outside his house, and the second when he was startled while being asleep.

He has been at the shelter since October and has been on his best behavior.  When we met Buster, he allowed us to walk right into his play area.  He then immediately engaged us with a toy in his mouth ready to play.  Buster will easily drop items and allow you to take toys out of his mouth.  He is comfortable with handling and does not show any signs of aggression.  He can however guard food, although he did not do so when we performed a food temperament test on him.  Buster allowed us to pet him and place fake hand near his bowl without incident.

Because Buster has a bite history on him, the shelter is only able to place Buster through a rescue.  Sedona is looking for a foster to adopt situation.   We believe that Buster has the temperament and personality to thrive in a loving home, someone with experience with the breed.   When outside of his run, Buster has interacted nicely with other dogs and is possible he could go to a home with other dogs.

If you are an experienced owner willing to give Buster a second chance, please fill out our adoption form or shoot us an email at contact@sedonashepherd.com for additional information.



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