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Champ – A Friendly, Very Active Adult German Shepherd

Children: Good with children
Dogs: Social but best in no dog household
Cats: No
Fenced Yard: Preferred Not Required
Experience: Must have prior big dog or GSD Experience
Other Requirements: Must have fair amount of carpets in house

Champ is a long haired, very active and friendly 6 year-old German Shepherd. He is smart, friendly, loves to play or just chill and hang out. Prior to entering our foster program Champ has lived with two very active boy. He loves playing fetch with a ball, a Frisbee, any toy will do.

In general Champ is fine around other friendly, non-reactive dogs. However, Champ is a big excitable boy so he may spook smaller dogs. While Champ is in good health, and he is neutered, he does have EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) which is easily managed. Champ requires a special powder mixed and soaked into his food 20 minutes prior to eating.

Champ would do well with an active family. He does prefer carpets to slippery smooth surfaces, and takes a little while to get comfortable on hardwood floors.  So he will need a home with at least some carpeting.  And if you can’t tell from the pictures, he is a very handsome boy.

If you are interested in finding out more about Champ, please email us at or fill out an adoption application.

About Sedona Shepherd

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary is a rescue dedicated to finding homes for adult and senior German Shepherds throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas.  In addition to rescuing German Shepherds, when space allows us, we rescue dogs that are at a high risk of being euthanized at a shelter or a home environment, that might not necessarily be a German Shepherd or mix.