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Chopper – A Fun, Fabulous, Friendly German Shepherd

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Our boy Chopper has quite the personality and funny expressions.  This friendly adult male German Shepherd loves to play.  Take Chopper outside to your back yard, and bring toys, lots of toys.  And treats.  Chopper is vocal about the treats, if you have some, he wants some.  Chopper isn’t too discriminating either about what kind of treats.

We just brought Chopper into our program at the beginning of October and are getting to know him better every day.  Chopper was found as a stray in southern New Jersey and spent a month in a local shelter.  He is still very skinny and needs to put on a good 10-20 pounds.  Chopper ignores other dogs, and probably would be able to co-exist with other dogs his size.  We do not yet know how he will react to small animals or cats.

While at Burlington Animal Shelter, his blood work showed low thyroid levels.  This may be just due to lack of proper nutrition, solved by a better diet or require a small amount of daily medication.  He also has dry skin.  We estimate his age to be about 7 years old.   If you are interested in adopting Chopper, we have a foster to adopt program, which will allow us to provide him with some additional medical care and get him neutered.   The medical expenses are all covered by Sedona Shepherd, while you get to enjoy all the fun times with Chopper.   Once medically cleared, we finalized the adoption.

Interested in Chopper?  Shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an online adoption application.

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