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Coco – An Easy Going, Friendly and Active Senior German Shepherd / Husky Mix

Coco has everything you could want in a senior German Shepherd (with a little husky).  She is friendly with people of all ages.  Coco is good in a house and generally easy going around other animals.  Coco spent most of her life in a house, so she is house trained and trustworthy when left alone.  At night when it’s time to go to sleep, she will curl up near her owner.

The past few weeks have been difficult on Coco.  Unfortunately her owner is going through health issues and is no longer able to care for Coco.  A family member is helping take care of Coco in the short term, but is looking for a loving family to learn about Coco and enjoy her company.

Although she is about 12 years old, (the prior rescue a while back estimated her age), Coco is a spry girl with quite a pep in her step.  Coco has a playful side about her and loves to play keep away with her toys.  Coco doesn’t socialize much with other dogs, and is wary of smaller dogs.  She may be ok with another mellow dog about her size.  She is also good with cats.

Interested in Coco?  Shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an online adoption application.