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Daisy Mae – Full of Life

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Daisy Mae

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary - Daisy Mae

We love our Daisy Mae.  She is exuberant, energetic, and enjoyable. That’s our Daisy Mae! Daisy is full of energy and loves walking and wading through streams, or large puddles, for that matter! Daisy Mae is a great hiking companion! She loves to hike, walk, and explore.

Daisy is a lot of fun, but she has a small circle of trust.  Daisy loves her friends at Sedona Shepherd, but can be very protective of her circle of friends.  It takes time and patience to become part of her family.  Once you are in her circle of trust she will be loyal and faithful.   Daisy Mae is also extremely photogenic.  We estimate Daisy Mae to be about 8 years old.  When she first came to our program, she had a fondness for fast food and bacon strips, but she has transitioned to a healthier diet and looks stunning

Daisy came to us when her owner died and there was no family member willing to care for her.  Neglected, her nails became so long, they curled into her pads.  Daisy Mae ended up at Philadelphia Shelter.  The folks at the shelter reached out to Sedona Shepherd and we were able to open up a spot in our foster program for Daisy Mae.

At this time, it is possible that Daisy Mae will be a permanent member of Sedona Shepherd’s team and we are fine with that.  But we would still like to find her a forever home if the right person came along.  Daisy Mae needs a home without children and an owner that understands how to always put her in the best and safest environment to succeed and live safely.  It is possible that Daisy Mae might tolerate cats.  Although she is pretty laid back around dogs in general, we don’t believe a home with other dogs would end up being a safe environment in the long run.  She would also benefit from a fenced in yard, though it is not a requirement.

A big thanks to Valerie Bruder Photography for Daisy’s photoshoot.

If you are interested in possibly adopting Daisy Mae you can request for more information at or fill out an adoption application form.

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Daisy Mae

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Daisy Profile