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Deckerd – Stunningly Handsome and Friendly Shepherd – PENDING ADOPTION

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Deckerd 1A

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Deckerd 2

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Deckerd 3

Deckerd is a stunningly handsome adult German Shepherd with a touch of Husky in him.  Deckerd comes to us from Philadelphia Shelter, and it is hard to imagine how anyone would let this friendly and affectionate boy loose on the city streets.   When he we walked him over to the car to head out of the shelter, he quickly hopped in and made himself home in the backseat.

When he came into the shelter, Deckerd was a bit underweight and his back area was missing fur.  We brought Deckerd into our vet where he received a clean bill of health and he has since received a nice medicated bath.  Deckerd was friendly with the staff at Fanwood Animal Hospital and ignored the dogs in the waiting room.

We estimate Deckerd to be about 7 years old.  Deckerd has long legs and a tall body.  When being introduced to other dogs, Deckerd is curious and wants to make friends and can ‘cry’ if he can’t come by and say hello.  We have not yet introduced him to any cats.

You can check out Deckerd (originally named ‘Boxer’ at the shelter) meeting dogs at the Philadelphia Shelter at these links:

Deckerd and Tori

Deckerd and Quennie

We believe that Deckerd would do well in just about any household.  He is just an easy going big boy. Deckerd came to us intact so we will be neutering him soon.

If you are interested in possibly adopting Deckerd you can request for more information at or fill out an adoption application form.