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Dolley and Sparky – Mom and Son Looking For A Nice Home


Sparky and Dolley


Dolley and Sparky are a bonded pair of German Shepherds looking for a nice home.  These two friendly German Shepherds are mother and son.  Dolley is the more outgoing of the two.  She is on the small size, around 45-50 pounds and loves to run around and stretch her legs.  As a mom, she keeps an eye on her boy Sparky, often giving him kisses when they are together.

Sparky is more stoic at first.  He is a handsome boy.   Sparky will approach all situations cautiously.  He is very gentle and once comfortable, seeks out attention and affection.

The owner of Sparky and Dolley were moving out of the country and reached out to Sedona to make sure that the two would find a good home.  Sparky is in good health, though he had some ear infections that needed medical attention when he arrived.  Dolley has signs of degenerative myelopathy with her left rear leg, which does not slow down Dolley.  Based on her size and enthusiasm, we believe Dolley will quickly take to using a cart for her rear legs.

Although both dogs could in theory be adopted separately, we would love to see them go together into a new home.  Dolley is 8 years old and Sparky is 7.  They appear to be fine around other dogs and grew up in a family environment.  We do not know how they would react to being in a home with cats.  Although they lived outside most of their lives, they always kept their dog homes clean and should be able to transition into a new home easily.

Interested in Dolley and Sparky?  Shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an online adoption application.

Dolley and Sparky