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Dutch Teddy – An Energetic Working Dutch Shepherd

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Dutch Teddy
Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary

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Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary


Are you an active person seeking an incredibly intelligent and active working class shepherd?  Do you like a challenge?  Do you like working with intense and loyal dogs?  Meet Dutch Teddy, an amazing 3 year old Dutch Shepherd (with some Belgian Malinois thrown in for good measure).

Just a quick look at Teddy and you know you are truly in the presence of a top of the line of intelligence in the dog world.  Grab a Frisbee and Teddy is ready to show off his athletic abilities.  You better be quick with the camera because as high as he jumps, he just might be out of the frame by the time you take a picture.

Teddy had a rough start to his life, with his original owner not having an understanding of how to best train such an active dog.  Upon first meeting Teddy, he will respond best to a calm greeting.  After a few minutes of sniffing and maybe some play, get ready to grab the leash and go for a nice long walk, or even better a nice brisk run.  He will be happy if you put on your track sneakers.

Couch potatoes need not read further.  While Teddy awaits his new home he is currently being trained by Sarah at Sleepydog LLC.  Sarah has 30 years of training expertise, specializing in working dogs and rescue dogs.  Any potential adopter must have prior working dog experience.   As loyal as Teddy can be to humans, he is not a fan of any four legged dogs, so he needs to be the only dog in the house.

We would like to see Teddy adopted to someone in New Jersey or eastern PA or southern NY.  If you are outside those areas, please let us know before applying to adopt.


Before applying please read the requirements for adopting Teddy.

Previous ownership of a large breed working dog (must have owned, not been a family dog growing up)
Ownership of a home, not a renter
No other animals.
No children under 13
Agree to enroll in training with an approved trainer
Maximum time left unattended during the day 3 to 5 hours.
Older than 25, younger than 60.
Live in NJ or surrounding area of very southern NY, eastern PA.
If you meet all of the above, (or all of the above and are just outside the adoption area)

If you apply and have not had a large breed dog as your own personal dog, or this will be the first dog you have personally owned, we will not process your application.

If you are interested in possibly adopting Dutch Teddy (note we have another dog named Teddy so please specify Dutch Teddy in your email) you can request for more information at or fill out an adoption application form.

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary

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