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FAITH – A Gentle Adult Shepherd Mix – PENDING ADOPTION

Faith most likely lived a difficult life before being found as a frightened stray in Philadelphia.  Faith was found with much of her fur missing, underweight, frightened, and with some type of skin condition.    She arrived at an over crowded shelter and became even more frightened and started to emotionally shut down even further.  Her time was limited and thanks to supporters and friends of Sedona, we were able to bring her into our program before she was to be euthanized.

We estimate Faith to be about 7 to 8 years old.  At approximately 30 pounds, Faith is a shepherd mix, or a ‘pocket shepherd’.   We are not quite sure what other breed she has in her, maybe a little collie, or even some chihuahua thrown in.  Since arriving at Sedona Shepherd, we have been providing her with the necessary medical care to get her on the road to recovery.  While Faith allows handling, she is sensitive along her backside.  Faith still has some odd skin bumps most likely from years of malnutrition.  Her back leg is also bent somewhat awkwardly, like a break that never healed properly.

Faith would be happy to just be in a home with a cozy bed and a peaceful environment.  She ignores other dogs and probably would be fine in a home with cats.  Because of her rough life, Faith is cautious around new people.  She allows us to pet her and put her in the car, but she is uncomfortable at the vet’s office when being poked and prodded and will let a handler know if she is feeling threatened.   An ideal home for Faith would be one without small kids.

Sedona Shepherd would really like to find a foster home or foster to adopt situation.  A number of potential foster homes fell through once we agreed to bring her into our program.  If you are interested in fostering or adopting Faith, shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an adoption application form.