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Goliath – A German Shepherd Gentle Giant – Pending Adoption

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Goliath

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Goliath

We want to thank Goliath’s foster mom for taking such good care of this big boy.  Goliath is getting all the love and medical attention necessary to get him ready to be a permanent adoption with his foster mom.   It’s been a slow process getting all his ear and skin infections taken care of, but with patience, medication, a healthy diet and lots of attention we have made great progress.  Thanks also to the staff at Fanwood Animal Hospital.

Goliath is a big boy full of love and affection. We have nicknamed him the “Gentle Giant” because despite his size, Goliath is truly gentle. Goliath nuzzles up to new friends and is ready to give kisses in exchange for some nice ‘scratchers’ behind the ears. Goliath was found as a stray in southern New Jersey. He is well mannered, trust worthy in a home and friendly with everyone that he meets.

When we brought Goliath to our vet, he was easy to handle and allowed our vet to poke and prod. Goliath came to us with very infected ears and an undiagnosed skin condition. His ears were so gunky that we had to sedate him before being able to really clean out the ears.  He also had a bad skin infection.

We estimate Goliath to be about 7 to 8 years old. He is neutered.