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Gus and Cappy –  A Pair of Senior German Shepherds


Gus and Cappy


Adopter or foster needed for these sweet boys: Cappy and Gus (Courtesy Posting central New Jersey)

These two lovable hunks are 9 year old, bonded brothers from the same litter.  They were raised in Connecticut by a woman who fell on hard times and a string of bad luck.  Sadly, they spent the past year living outside with dwindling resources to care for them properly.  I wanted to get them before the worst of the heatwave hit, was afraid since they are both 9 years old and stuck outside, it would be dire for them.  Once they came into their new home they were fully vetted.  Gus and Cappy are just two of the sweetest boys ever. 

Unfortunately, as sweet as they are with people and family, Cappy & Gus are not social with other animals, nor do they want to be, and we have had no luck in all of our attempts to integrate them with my dog.   I am heartbroken for these boys and need to find them a home to live out their golden years.  Here’s what I can tell you about them:

Cappy has these eyes that just melt your heart; he loves to put his head in your lap or lean it against you, you don’t even have to touch him, simply smile at him and the tail starts wagging.  His back has some arthritis in it, but who doesn’t at that age – you’d never know by the way he acts and his sweet smile just makes you want to love on him.

Gus is just a happy boy, probably the more playful of the two when it comes to picking up toys and playing, but he’ll wrestle with his brother in yard too.  He just has this happy-go-luck face, and Oh My Gosh his tail!!! It’s like a fox tail, a SUPER fluffy fox tail.  The only thing you have to be careful of with Gus is if you work from home he likes to put his head right against the wheels on the desk chair you’re sitting in while he naps.  Gus has EPI (stabilized), which isn’t a big deal as long as he takes his enzymes with his meals & he stays on a low fat diet….Pretty much like each one of us should be doing as adults! Eating right and taking vitamins.

Cappy is clearly the ring leader and Gus will follow along, they are both just the sweetest loving dogs on the planet, they only thing they want to do is be with their people and nap by your side.  Occasionally, they get up and play a little tug of war or shake the stuffed piggy back and forth with a little toss.  They both love their Kongs, they pick them up, drop them, pick them up, drop them, pick them up again and drop them again… then its nap time again.  Ahhhh the life, right.

So here are the facts: They both love all people, strangers don’t bother them either.  They are good with the vet, no fear biting or aggression at all, just kinda hung out through it all.   They are AKC registered and their pedigrees were provided to me when I picked them up.  They cannot be with other animals and they need to be the only 2 pets in the home – except fish, they’re cool with the fish…. They’re a couple of love bugs who just want human companionship and to be loved.  Once you meet them you’ll be smitten within the hour… I know it didn’t take me more than 5 minutes.   A fenced yard would be ideal but not a necessity.

Cappy and Gus are still with their new family and Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary (and Garden State German Shepherd Rescue) are working to help find a home for them.  If you are interested in opening up your home to these two handsome German Shepherd, please reach out to us at or fill out an adoption application form.   We will forward your application to their new family.



Gus and Cappy Playing

Cappy Chilling