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Hank is a lovable and affectionate American Bulldog who is 6 years old.  You can see by his pictures that he is a soulful fellow, who enjoys listening to some good blues music with his best buddies.  Hank is part of our owner referral program.  His current owners have had Hank since he was 3 months old.  Hank is house trained and can be trusted to just chill out in the house when no one is home.

When Hank’s family comes home, he enjoys going on long walks and if he is extra good, maybe even getting a slice of pizza after dinner as a treat.  Or at least a pizza crust.  Hank currently lives with a French Mastiff and has been around other dogs in a social setting.  He probably would do best without another dog, but he may have the potential to join a family with another well behaved easy going dog.  Meet and greets with Hank will be essential.  (No cats though).

Hank is a big solid boy and sometimes gets over excited when he meets new people, but he just wants to say hello.  He makes a good pet and a good watchdog for his presence.  Hank likes people, but because of his size we feel he would be best in a home with older children.  Hank has all the positive traits of a well-bred and socialized American Bulldog.  Hank is located in Northern New Jersey, but available for adoption for anyone living in New Jersey or surrounding area.

If you are interested in Hank, shoot us a request for more information at contact@sedonashepherd.com or fill out an adoption application form.