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HUGO – An Energetic Akita / Mastiff  Youngster – ADOPTED JANUARY 2020!


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Check out Hugo, an approximately 8 to 9 month old “puppy” full of energy and excitement. Hugo is a very sociable dog. He will happily sit and wait to greet new people and is ready to make new friends right away. He is an Akita mix and now is close to 80 pounds. This big boy is looking to clock in at about 100 pounds fully grown.

While being in our foster program, Hugo has been trained with all of his basic commands. He walks nicely on a leash, though does have a high interest in squirrels this autumn. Hugo is crate trained but sometimes will still whine if left alone. Since he is still a big puppy, who likes to explore and pick up items, be prepared to “Hugo-proof” the house for the first few weeks.

An overall happy dog, Hugo will do best living with someone that has had experience with larger breed dogs. Though not a requirement, a fenced in yard is a plus. More importantly any adopter must have the time to mentally and physically stimulate Hugo.

Hugo loves to play with other dogs and as you might expect with a young dog, he can play a long time. Hugo is good at reading his fellow dog’s temperament and can be gentle or play hard depending on his playmate.

Hugo has so many great qualities, it’s difficult to list them all. However, because of his size and the breed, potential adopters MUST have experience with large breed dogs, preferably an Akita, any Mastiff breed, or any other working dog. Hugo sometimes can get over stimulated and proper handling is important.

Hugo is available for adoption in New Jersey and Lehigh Valley.


Before applying please read the requirements for adopting Hugo.

Previous ownership of a large breed working dog (must have owned, not been a family dog growing up)
Ownership of a home, not a renter
No cats
No children under 13
Agree to enroll in training with an approved trainer
Maximum time left unattended during the day 3 to 4 hours.
Older than 25, younger than 65.
Live in NJ or surrounding area of very southern NY, Lehigh Valley.
If you meet all of the above, (or all of the above and are just outside the adoption area)

If you apply and have not had a large breed dog as your own personal dog, or this will be the first dog you have personally owned, we will not process your application.

If you are interested in possibly adopting Hugo you can request for more information at or fill out an adoption application form.