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Izzy – Ready To Play and Be Your New Friend

Izzy – A 4 Year-Old Dutch Shepherd Dog

Izzy is a 4 year-old, energetic Dutch Shepherd in our owner referral program.   Izzy has a lot of great things going for her, like all Dutch Shepherd dogs she is extremely intelligent and active.  She loves long walks, but especially loves running around playing with toys.  Izzy is dog friendly, lives with a cat and has been around teenagers.

As a working dog, Izzy will bark and let you know she is home when you come and visit.  She will slowly warm up to new people and if you play with her and she will be glad to be your friend.   As smart as she is, Izzy would benefit from a refresher training program to help keep her focused.

There are certain requirements in order to adopt Izzy.  You MUST have a fenced in back yard and comfortable working with a dog that does have some anxiety and skittishness around new people.  We feel that she would probably benefit from living with a confident well behaved dog.  Any adopter must also agree to a training program.  A three session training program will be provided for free by Canine Dimensions if you live in northern, western or eastern New Jersey.

Unfortunately her family situation does not allow them to give her the time she needs to burn off some of her nervous energy.  Check out Izzy and a very informative video on Belgian Malinois (yes we know slightly different than a Dutch Shepherd, but a good overview of what active Dutch Shepherds are like) from Dog Matters. 


Interested in Izzy?  Shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an online adoption application.