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Johnson – A Fun, Goofy Adult German Shepherd

Johnson Smile

Happy Johnson

Johnson Ear Scratch

I like ear scratchers

Looking Handsome

Johnson is a funny and goofy adult German Shepherd who just loves to go on walks and hangout with people.  Whether it is the first time meeting new people, or someone he has known for weeks, Johnson is friendly and engaging.  When he wants some attention, Johnson gives the standard shepherd pushing of his muzzle on your arm.  Johnson is easy to handle, allowing us to take him out for walks and work on gently brushing him and massaging his shoulders and back.  He tends to ignore other dogs on walks that pay him no mind, but will bark at other dogs if they get too close.

A brief history of Johnson’s story:  Johnson arrived at Philadelphia ACCT in decrepit shape.  He was scared and shutdown, not wanting to interact with anyone.   Most of the fur on his back and hips was gone.  His ears were full of gunk and stinky, his nails were long and he had sores on both shoulders and elbows.   Thanks to Char-Wills GSD Rescue, Johnson had a place to decompress before coming to Sedona Shepherd in late August.

Once he arrived and settled in we took Johnson for a full medical evaluation at Fanwood Animal Hospital.  We are treating some ear infections with a daily flush and medication.  His coat has grown back nicely and whatever remaining skin issues he may have had, are now cleaned up.  Johnson is neutered.

We estimated Johnson to be about 7-8 years old.  He enjoys his walks, being with people and just hanging out.  While Johnson is easy to handle around other dogs, he does not want to be bothered and would be best in a home with no other animals.   He would fit in nicely to a home with adults and teenagers.

Interested in fostering or adopting Johnson?  Shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an online adoption application.