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King – A Handsome Male Adult German Shepherd

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary King 1

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary King 2

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary King 3

King is a handsome 7 year-old full bred German Shepherd.  Like his son Ace, King is big, fun, playful and friendly.   King makes friends quickly with everyone that he meets and just wants attention and love.

King was surrendered to North Jersey Community Animal Shelter, with his son Ace.  He is a big boy, about 85 pounds, slightly smaller than Ace.  King is a healthy and strong German Shepherd.  King is generally aloof around  other dogs.  He is still intact so he will need to be neutered.

Sedona Shepherd in working with Bloomingdale shelter to find a home for King (and Ace).  We currently are full and looking for someone to help us foster King, or adopt him directly from the shelter.  If you are interested in possibly fostering King for us please fill out a foster application form.  You can reach out directly to The North Jersey Community Animal Shelter (NJCAS)would be glad to speak with anyone interested in adopting them directly from the shelter as well and can be reached at 973-850-6767.  They are located at 23 Brandt Lane, Bloomingdale, NJ (Formerly Bloomingdale Animal Shelter).