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Loba and Luna – Bonded Sisters – PENDING ADOPTION

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Loba and Luna

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Loba

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Loba and Luna 2

Please NOTE: Loba and Luna are currently entering our foster to adopt program and at this time are PENDING ADOPTION once they are spayed.

Loba and Luna are bonded sisters that have lived together their entire lives.  As you can see from their pictures, they enjoy each other’s company and can be very playful in a familiar setting.   While the girls have been together for 2 years, they haven’t spent a lot of time in new settings and with new people, so they are a little cautious at first.

Once they get to know you, they will warm up quickly and seek out affection and show off their playfulness.  Both have spent time around younger, respectful children.  According to their prior owner, Luna tends to be more quiet and obedient, whereas Loba tends to have more self confidence and likes to find ways to maker her own adventures.

Loba and Luna have only recently entered our program, so we are getting to know them better as they settle in.  We are looking to adopt them together.   Both girls are not yet spayed.  Once they have settled nicely in their foster home we plan on getting them spayed.

Loba and Luna are two years old and are a mix of White German Shepherd and Husky.

If you are interested in possibly adopting Loba and Luna you can request for more information at or fill out an adoption application form.