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Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Magnum

Magnum – 7 year old Fun Loving German Shepherd

Magnum is one cool German Shepherd.  He has a unique look about him, almost reminds people of Marmaduke.  When he is outside, Magnum loves to get moving.      Not one to sit and pose for a picture, Magnum likes to move around.   Whether it’s playing with a ball. going for a really long walk, greeting new people, or checking out new scents, Magnum enjoys his time outside.

Magnum is a handsome boy and has some very distinguishing features, a soulful face, large classic German Shepherd ears, long legs and a nice soft coat.  Magnum is well socialized around people and is happy to make friends.  For part of his life, Magnum lived with a large Labrador, and is friendly to well mannered dogs, but not really interested in playing.  He prefers chasing to making friends with cats.

Magnum is in good health, and he maintains a lean body.  Magnum can be possessive over his toys, so he will need an experienced handler.  He would be best suited for a family with large dog experience.

Interested in Magnum?  Shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an online application.

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary is a German Shepherd rescue dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for adult and senior German Shepherds in New Jersey and surrounding areas.

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Sedona Shepherd Magnum


Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary - Magnum