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MAZZY – A Fun Senior German Shepherd

With apologies to Brittany, Don’t Call Me Maybe, Call Me Mazzy. We have our own musical star Mazzy, a fun loving, happy going German Shepherd. Mazzy just loves to meet new people, play with her toys and go on long walks. Mazzy was originally surrendered to Montgomery County, PA shelter. Her prior owner didn’t give the shelter a lot of information, so we had to find out about Mazzy on our own. Mazzy adapted to her environment as best as possible. She really would prefer to not hang out with so many dogs and is best suited to a home with no other dogs. Although the shelter listed her as 10, we think based on her good health and activity level, that she is closer to 8 or 9. Mazzy has lots of dancing and playing left and looking forward to enjoying life with a new family. She would do fine in a home with or without children.

If you are interested in finding out more about Mazzy,  please email us at or fill out an adoption application.

Sedona Shepherd Mazzy 2

About Sedona Shepherd

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary is a rescue dedicated to finding homes for adult and senior German Shepherds throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas.  In addition to rescuing German Shepherds, when space allows us, we rescue dogs that are at a high risk of being euthanized at a shelter or a home environment, that might not necessarily be a German Shepherd or mix.