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Mika – A Fun Energetic Husky (with a touch of Shepherd)

Mika is known as our “Foxy Lady.”   Her big bushy tail, enchanting face, and energetic personality makes us think of the Jimi Hendrix song, Foxy Lady.  Mika is all about enjoying life and exploring as many nooks and crannies inside and outside as she possibly can find.   Mika is between 1-3 years old and mostly Husky with a dash of German Shepherd.  She will come right up to new people and greet them with a friendly tail wag and maybe even a quick little kiss.  She has a typical husky personality, inquisitive, playful, and always ready to go for a run.  Her shepherd side shines through with her attentiveness, intelligence, obedience, and willingness to bond and be your best friend and .

Put Mika in a large fenced in area with another dog and she will have a blast.  Mika is extremely fast and can run circles around most other dogs.  Mika does have a high prey drive, so hold on tight if there are squirrels around and no cats for this girl.   Inside the home, Mika is trustworthy and loves to toss around a tug toy or tennis ball.  She would do best with an active family or active young couple, or single person.   Based on her activity level, she would be best in homes with children over 7 years of age but she is gentle enough to meet smaller children.  Mika is healthy, happy and ready to run with her new pack.

Although we do not normally require a fenced in yard, any applicants with a secured fenced in yard will be given greater consideration.  If you are interested in fostering or adopting Mika, shoot us a request for more information at contact@sedonashepherd.com or fill out an adoption application form.