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Miller is an 8 year old German Shepherd that is in a tough spot.  His owners recently moved and were not able to take him with them to their new space.  For the short term, Miller is still living in his prior home where someone comes over to feed him and let him out.  After an initial meeting of new people, Miller is a friendly German Shepherd.  He is a healthy boy, with a good amount of energy and zest for life.

Before his owners moved, Miller had spent time with an extended family of adults and older children.  He also did live with a smaller dog, though we don’t know how he is with meeting new dogs.  He likes to chase squirrels and would not be good with a cat.  Miller has a lot of good classic German Shepherd qualities: good looking, intelligent, will bond quickly with a new family, food motivated and likes to exercise and be active.

There are a few challenges for any new owner.  Miller has lived a majority of his life outside, in a very large fenced in back yard.  He is also currently not neutered.  He did live inside for the first three years of his life.  His backyard is split in two and he can be protective of his smaller area, but meet him in the larger area and hew will come up nicely to meet you, and be friends if you have food.


Miller is a courtesy posting by Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary.  He is not currently with our organization.  We can help facilitate a meeting and possible adoption for Miller.  He would do best with an experienced owner and also in a home environment that includes a larger backyard and preferably fenced yard.   Based on his size, we would not recommend adoption with younger children and not for first time adopters.

If you are interested in possibly adopting Hugo you can request for more information at or fill out an adoption application form.

Miller an adult German Shepherd available for adoption