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Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary German Shepherd Rescue
Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary German Shepherd Rescue

Nooks –  A Sweet, Affectionate, Friendly Pit Bull

Meet Nooks. She loves to cuddle.  Nooks also loves chilling and hanging out on the couch or just being by your side on a cool spring day.  When playing, make sure you bring a good chew toy (even better if it squeaks) for our friendly girl.  Nooks has a playful curiosity about her, she likes to sniff and explore new environments, whether it’s looking for toys in a house or stopping and smelling the flowers on a nice walk.  Nooks is a good house dog, she is crate trained and doesn’t make a mess in the home.

When being outside, Nooks just loves rolling around in the grass and receiving belly rubs.  Once she gets a little burst of energy out, Nooks walks fairly well on a leash, responds to corrections easily and ignores other dogs during her walks in the neighborhood.  Nooks would do well in a home with another mellow or well behaved dog.  She is just a love bug and will be great in any home that wants a loving friendly dog.  We estimate Nooks to be about 5 to 7 years old.

Interested in adopting Nooks?  Shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an online application.

Nooks Making Friends

Another New Friend for Nooks

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary is a German Shepherd rescue dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for adult and senior German Shepherds in New Jersey and surrounding areas.  Occasionally, we will take on special situation dogs like Nooks.