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Pearl – A German Shepherd Dog For All People

Sedona Shepherd German Shepherd Rescue

A complete sweetheart, is a true definition of our newest girl Pearl.  This easy going adult German Shepherd is always ready to make a new friend.  Pearl will gladly walk over to new people of all ages and introduce herself, eagerly awaiting a nice petting.  When we are ready to go on a road trip, Pearl is first in line to hop into the car and just chill out in the backseat with the radio playing and windows open.

Pearl is happy to make an acquaintance of other dogs, as well as humans.  Pearl has a lot of energy.  She can’t wait to get outside and run around in a yard, or go for a long walk, usually accompanied by other rescue dog friends.

Pearl spent the first 9 years of her life with a family and around other dogs.  Unfortunately, many of those years were as a breeding shepherd.  Now that she is retired from breeding she deserves to enjoy the rest of her life frolicking and having fun.

Sedona Shepherd would like to thank Denise at No More Tears Puppymill Dog Rescue and Liz at Liz’s Rescue Wagon for being instrumental in getting Pearl rescued and brought to Sedona Shepherd.

Interested in Pearl?  Shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an online adoption application.