Rosie The GSD

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It has been a difficult number of years for Rosie, a  neglected yet trusting 7 year old German Shepherd.  Over the past two years, Rosie developed a bad skin infection and allergies, but her owners did not bring her to a vet to be treated.  When we found out about Rosie’s story, we were able to convince the owner to bring Rosie to our vet, where she was finally able to get a medical check up, begin treatment for her fur loss and skin infections and get all of her wellness vaccinations.

Once Rosie was up to date on all her shots, we took Rosie into our program where she has received the care and attention she needs to get healthy and ready for a new home.  Rosie has lived with dogs and cats, though she does enjoy chasing the cats.  Despite being neglected medically, Rosie still has a trusting personality.  Rosie will truly flourish once she finds her new forever home.

If you are interested in Rosie, shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an adoption application form.