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Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary - Rosie GSD 4
Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary German Shepherd Rescue
Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary

Rosie, a kind and gentle 7 year old German Shepherd now has the chance at a new life.  Sadly the last few years were very difficult for Rosie.  She is a trusting soul, but her prior owner let her down and neglected vet care for a long time.   Over the past two years, Rosie developed a bad skin infection and allergies, as well as an issue with her thyroid.  Sadly her owners did not bring her to a vet to be treated.

When we found out about Rosie’s story, we were able to convince the owner to bring Rosie to our vet, where she was finally able to get a medical check up, begin treatment for her fur loss and skin infections and get all of her wellness vaccinations.

Once Rosie was up to date on all her shots, we took Rosie into our program where she has begun the long process of healing her body.  Rosie’s spirits are high and she is being fostered by one of our most experience foster homes.  Rosie is living on a farm with other animals.  She is very interested, sometimes too much so in the cats, and is fearful around new dogs she meets.

Rosie is affectionate and loving to all the humans she spends time with and has been a trooper on all her vet visits and medicated baths.   She has good manners.  Rosie is a quiet dog, she doesn’t bark very much and is pretty chill meeting new people.  She loves to put her head in her foster mom’s lap for petting.

Rosie still has a long way to go.  You can see from the pictures that her skin is slowly healing and some of the fur is coming back.  She will be ready for adoption later this fall, but we are taking applications on her and ready to start showing her to potential adopters.

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary - Rosie GSD
Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Rosie GSD
Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Rosie GSD

If you are interested in Rosie, shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an adoption application form.