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Sammy – A Friendly, Gentle German Shepherd

Sammy is an easy going and very friendly and gentle 10 year old German Shepherd.  The past year has been tough on Sammy as his prior owner had life threatening medical issues that she needs to take care of, and was desperate to find a home for Sammy.  She reached out to Sedona and we took Sammy into our foster program.

Sammy just loves people, little ones, big ones, medium size ones.  He also loves to chase and play fetch or play with any toy around.  Sammy is a pretty easy going boy.  He walks well on a leash and all you need is to give him a gentle tug if he is pulling too much.

Sammy is trustworthy in a house and can just chill the day away with you or if you want, go out for a nice walk or hang out in the back yard with his family and a jolly ball.  Although Sammy spent some time with dogs when he was younger, he would need to meet another dog before determining if he could share a home with another dog.

If you are just looking for a buddy to go on quiet walks, hangout in the home and just be your best buddy, Sammy is the boy for you.  He has a lot of love, friendship and joy left to share.


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