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Shellie – A Happy German Shepherd – PENDING ADOPTION DEC 26

Life is a highway for Shellie

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary - Shellie
Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary

Shellie helping with the food shopping.

Everyday is winding road for Shellie.  This girl just loves her car rides and can’t wait to go on road trips with her human friends.  How else can we describe Shellie?  How about Fun, Happy, Playful, Pretty, Spunky.  Indeed, Shellie is one happy and friendly female German Shepherd.  When not cruising in the back seat of her foster mom’s car, Shellie is up for for a long walk or a bit of play time in the back yard.  When she gets excited, Shellie will do some hops and spins.

Shellie would just as soon ignore other dogs around her and focus on playing with her human friends. She has been introduced to and lived with older and younger dogs, and both male and female dogs.  She will usually just go about her own business ignoring any four legged animals (including cats), though sometimes smaller hyper dogs can make her nervous.

Shellie likes to meet new people, but it usually 3 to 5 days, before Shellie will completely settle down in a new home.  She will bond very quickly with any new family. We estimate Shellie to be about 7 years old.  Shellie came to Sedona with chronic ear infections that took a long time to bring under control. She had a total ear ablation surgery on her right ear, where the ear canal was removed. Following the surgery we were able to bring the infections in her good ear (the left one) under control. A daily cleaning and monitoring is all that Shellie needs now.

Shellie will do well in a home without other dogs or in a home with older mellower dogs.  She would be best in a home with children over 12 years old and she is living comfortably in her foster home with cats.

Interested in Shellie?  Shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an online foster or adoption application.

Shellie chilling at an event