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Teddy Looking For A Permanent Foster Home To Bring Some Love and Spunk To


Teddy is a special boy that is looking for someone ready and willing to help him enjoy the end of his life with. Teddy has a heart of gold for people and a never give up spirit. The past few years have been tough on Teddy, but he still trusts people and loves to chase balls, squirrels or just gets hugs and pets.

Teddy is 11 years old, with concerns arising from a previous spinal injury and degenerative myelopathy. His rear right leg has little movement at this point, but the rest of his body still thinks he is 7 years young. Teddy was found as a stray in Yonkers, NY. When the shelter contacted the owner, they were told the owner no longer wanted Teddy. This energetic boy had hurt his back 3 years prior jumping off a deck while chasing a small animal. His owner did bring him in for spinal surgery.

Although, Teddy did receive the medical care, the owner often left Teddy outside, where Teddy would get in trouble by sneaking out into the neighborhood. With the help of Rescue Haven Rescue, Teddy was brought to Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary. It wasn’t clear until he arrived the difficulty he was having walking with his right leg. Still Teddy has an incredible spirit. The first weekend turned out to be painful, as he somehow twisted his leg and was in excessive discomfort. Teddy spent the weekend at Red Bank Animal Hospital where he was examined and put on new regiment of pain and anti-inflammatory medications.

After three days, Teddy bounced back and came back to our program. He loves to get out in the yard and chase down tennis balls, or go on short walks around the block. Teddy’s one flaw is that he is extremely dog and cat reactive. So many people who would be willing to help out, of course have other animals.

We understand the physical challenges fostering a dog like Teddy entails, but we are hopeful that we can find him a comfortable permanent foster home for Teddy.  Sedona will provide all the medication and support necessary to help any foster home. We have harnesses, booties and a cart, if necessary, and we will work hand in hand with the foster home throughout the entire process.

All we need is a hospice foster home to provide love and care for Teddy for his final journeys.

If you are interested in providing for Teddy please consider a donation to help us offset his medical costs.    For more about fostering Teddy, you can request for more information at or fill out an adoption application form.