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Trey – A Handsome, Healthy and Friendly White German Shepherd Dog – PENDING ADOPTION

Trey has everything you could want in an adult German Shepherd.  He is friendly with people of all ages.  Trey likes to go on walks and has a playful spirit.  He is easy going around other animals.  He is of course very handsome.  Trey spent most of his life in a house, so he is trustworthy and house trained.  In fact at night when it’s time to go to sleep, she prefers to curl up in her crate.

Before coming to Sedona, the past few weeks were difficult on Trey.  His family of 8 years was moving and brought him to a small city shelter in Union County.  Our rescue contacts at Traveling 4 Paws quickly reached out to us knowing that Sedona would find a good home for him.  Trey quickly settled into our program and enjoys not just the company of our volunteers, but also hanging out with some of the other dogs.

Trey is about 8 to 9 years old and in overall good health.  We brought Trey to the Union County Dog Festival and he was friendly with everyone he met.  He would do fine in any home, but especially one with another dog or dogs to hang out with.  We do not know how he would interact with cats.   Trey is still intact, so we would adopt him out on a foster to adopt contract, where Sedona would cover the cost of getting Trey neutered.

Interested in Trey?  Shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an online adoption application.

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