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Velvet and Callie – ADOPTED!

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary A German Shepherd Rescue

Best Sisters – Velvet and Callie

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary - A German Shepherd Rescue

Callie “Ears Up”

We love car rides

Velvet And Callie Looking For A Home Together

Velvet and Callie are a pair of German Shepherd sisters rescued from a hoarder in New Jersey.  Today these friendly 4 year old sisters are ready to begin the best part of the rest of their lives; finding a loving home.  Velvet’s floppy ears give her a playful look, which perfectly matches her personality.  Velvet is inquisitive, friendly and is a happy go lucky girl.  Once she is comfortable with a new friend, she will come right up to you and give you a wet sloppy kiss.

Callie, her sister, is the more serious of the girls, and feels it is her place to look out for Velvet.  Although her demeanor is a bit more reserved than Velvet, Callie will warm up fairly quickly to new people and new surroundings.  Callie has the classic German Shepherd ears.  Like her sister she also likes to give a sweet kiss to her new friends.

Having lived most of their lives in crates and cramped conditions, Velvet and Callie just love now to go out and romp around a yard and play.  After a few minutes on a walk, they will settle down and walk fairly nicely, though a training lesson or two wouldn’t hurt.  Velvet and Callie are moderate sized German Shepherds, around 60 pounds each.   They are in relatively good health, though both need to be spayed and Callie could use to put on a few pounds.  Otherwise they are up to date on all their vaccinations, and ready to go to their new home.

You can read about their story and the sad case of a lack of justice for the hoarder.  As of this time Sedona Shepherd has taken in four of the German Shepherds, including Wren and Kolby.   Since little money was recovered by the municipality, Sedona Shepherd (and all the rescues that have helped) have had to cover all of the medical costs for these dogs.  We estimate the veterinary care to cover all four of these beautiful dogs to be $2,500.  In addition to paying for all of their shots and check-up, Velvet and Callie need to be spayed.  Kolby needed surgeries for neutering and a hernia and is on medication to help manage his dry eye syndrome.  Please help us by donating to Velvet and Callie’s medical bills.

Sedona would also like to thank Terrie Carr and the Rock N’ Ruff crew at WDHA for their feature of Velvet and Callie.

Interested in finding out more about Velvet and Callie?  Shoot us a request for more information at or fill out an adoption application form.

Callie at WDHA Station

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary - A German Shepherd Rescue

Velvet’s Freedom Ride

Callie and Velvet Rock Out at WDHA with Terrie Carr