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Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary is an all volunteer organization. For many senior German Shepherds in need of rescue we are their last line of hope. Whenever shelters are full and need space, it is the large breed and senior dogs that are most at risk of being euthanized. Our mission is to not let that happen. In late August, Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary helped rescue 4 German Shepherd dogs that were confiscated from deplorable conditions from a hoarder in Northern New Jersey.  Sadly, the judge fined her so little that all medical expenses are being picked up by the rescue groups that saved these dogs (14 in total).   Please help us reach our goal of $2,500 to cover the medical costs associated with the care of ColbyWren, Velvet and Callie.

And check out our rocking video with Velvet and Callie at WDHA.

Velvet and Callie



A Big Thank You From Wren, Callie and Velvet to:

Virginia Douglas
Edna Cohen
Kim Dalton
Beams Of Light
Wendy Witterschein
Susan Jurdan
Anne Ferara
Azzinaro Management LLC

Margaret and Brian Tavis
Martha Wunder
Duane Vowles
Kim Dalton
Denise Kearns
Jan and Bragi Schut
Julia Morgan Abrams
Rocky and Ginger Productions LLC

Fanwood Animal Hospital
Country Doctor Vet in New Tripoli
Kasey and the folks at Brookside Kennels
Lisa Rose Rublack for all the hard work with all of the dogs rescued
Paramus Animal Shelter
Great Companions Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Terrie Carr and the folks at WDHA
Angel Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary

Angel come to us severely malnourished, missing more than half her fur, with ear and skin infections. Today thanks to your support and care at Sedona, she is a healthy, happy dog living in her forever home.

Avery has arthritis, degenerative myelopothy, and spinal issues. Your donations have allowed her to spend the remaining of her life in good quality care with a loving foster home.

Cisco and Bingo are brothers with chronic eye disease and dry eyes. They were treated and cared for at Sedona, and today are living comfortably in their new home.

You can donate with your credit card via PayPal (you do not have to have a PayPal account).

Or mail a check donation to:
Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary
PO Box 834
Millburn, NJ 07041

Sedona Thanks You!