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Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary – A German Shepherd Rescue

For when an owner needs to find a new home for their adult and senior dog.

Please note:  Due to overwhelming number of dogs needing our services for finding a forever home, we are not able to take in any owner surrendered dogs outside of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. 

Other Options For Owners

If you would like to adopt your dog on your own consider using “Get Your Pet” website, a new service  dedicated to helping individuals place their dogs directly.  An additional option is “RescueMe“.  Please read each websites requirements and rules.  You can list your dog on either site concurrently with Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary.

Sedona Owner Referral Program

In order to enter the owner referral program, you first must fill out an owner referral application.  We will then schedule a time to meet your dog and see if they can fit into our program.  While we specialize in adult and senior dogs, there are some limitations to what services we can provide.  We do not have the ability to provide financial support to owners and we do not have the ability to take in dogs with significant temperament issues.  We do work with a number of trainers and have other resources and contacts that can be of assistance.

The goal of the owner referral program is to allow you to keep your dog while we work to find a suitable home.  The adoption application for a Sedona Owner Referral Dog is no different than a Sedona Foster Dog.   You can be comfortable knowing that we screen applicants just as thoroughly and that we work with you, so that you are comfortable with the potential adopter.   Please email us at for the owner referral application if you are having any issues with the form below.

Referral Listing Fee:  If the dog is listed as part of our owner referral program, we require a $50 listing fee, to help us offset our time and efforts to process and find a home for your dog.  The listing fee is waived if owner can show economic hardship.

Surrendering a dog to Sedona

At this time we do not take in dogs directly from an owner, unless there are no other options.  Our goal is to match our current adopters while your dog is still with you to minimize bouncing your dog around.  Additionally, we have a limited number of spaces available and they are allocated to rescuing dogs that are located at the highest risk shelters.  We work with many shelters throughout New Jersey as well as a number of rescue groups.  If you are out of time for placing your dog and we are full, we can work with you to let you know the best location (be it another rescue or shelter) to surrender your dog.  We will work with that organization to continue to help find a home for your dog.

Surrendering Fee

If you are surrendering a dog to Sedona Shepherd the surrender fee is as follows:

Dogs Under 7 years of age:
All dogs: $150

Dogs Over 7 years of age:
All dogs $100

Surrender fee is waived if owner can show economic hardship.