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Sedona Shepherd is extremely thankful for the individual and community support we have received over the years.  From small donations of time and resources, to grants and vet care, Sedona Shepherd is able to save so many dogs because of your support.  Just one short page doesn’t feel like enough to thank everyone, but if we waited for perfection, we would never finish the job.  In the meantime we would especially like to thank the following for helping with the initial launch back in 2014 through their continued support in 2021 and beyond.

Fanwood Animal Hospital is our go-to veterinary hospital for the care of our dogs.  Fanwood has been supporting Sedona Shepherd since our inception.  We would like to thank Dr. Frantz, Dr. Roby, Dr. Ottason and Dr. Lam for their dedication and care.  The staff at Fanwood are always willing to help us out with small and large requests.  Without Fanwood Animal Hospital, Sedona Shepherd would not be able to save so many dogs.

When it comes to emergency care, Crown Veterinary Hospital is our first choice.  From emergency visits, to ear ablations, cancer treatment, orthopedic surgery, or treatment for pneumonia, Crown Vet has done it all for Sedona Shepherd.  The front desk and staff are always very caring and make the visits smooth and easy.  A big thank you to Dr. Ross who has been with us since Day One.

The folks at Elizabeth Ann Kennels lead by Danielle, have been caring for Sedona dogs since 2014.   They are our de-facto home for dogs not in our foster program.  From romp and plays, to making sure everyone gets proper care, the staff takes great care of Sedona dogs. 

We are proud to have the local support of Community Foundation of New Jersey through their grant program.  CFNJ has been providing grants to Sedona Shepherd since 2017.  These grants are set aside for purposes of emergency vet care and standard vet care.  The grants from CFNJ are instrumental in providing dogs like Thor (ear ablation surgery) and Blitz (emergency pneumonia treatment) vet care.   We are thankful for their continued support and excited to be recognized in our home state of New Jersey.

The Purr’N Pooch Foundation For Animals is another New Jersey based organization that has provided grants to Sedona Shepherd.  The Palazzo family have been caring for animals for over 50 years.  Their love, dedication, and passion for animals contributed to them creating the Purr’n Pooch Foundation which is celebrated every year with an amazing gala at the Jersey Shore.  We can’t thank them enough for their help and support the last five years.

Tip Top Kennels are the go to facility for Sedona Shepherd in southern New Jersey.  Pam and Rick have been involved in rescuing German Shepherds for over 40 years.  They provide training, grooming, boarding services.   In rescue, you name it, they have seen it with German Shepherds.  They are an amazing couple and great kennel.  Tip Top has been with us since Day One.
If you are need of in-home dog training, Canine Dimensions is the dog training company to call.  Founded by Phil Guida, who has been training dogs and providing support to shelters and rescues for over 20 years, Canine Dimensions is a strong supporter of Sedona Shepherd.  The trainers at Canine Dimensions are experienced, compassionate and balanced trainers, with a deep understanding of dog behavior. 

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