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Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed for two purposes, to help rescue and find homes for adult and senior German Shepherd dogs in need and to help support other rescue and shelter organizations in the Northeast finding homes for German Shepherd dogs.  Our mission is to be part of the effort to reduce the number of abandoned dogs and to help educate the public about dog ownership responsibilities and alternative solutions to providing a home for their dog or animals when circumstances no longer allow them to properly care for their dog.      We provide support to other rescue organizations by offering to aid in the placement of their German Shepherd dogs, providing best practice consulting services to start-up rescue organizations and partner services for public awareness and outreach of their rescue.


Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary provides a foster based program to rescue adult and senior German Shepherd and high-mix dogs from shelters, where they are at a high risk of being euthanized.  We provide an owner referral program that works with owners who need to find a new home for their dog.  We offer to work with any rescue organization (located in the northeast) or animal shelter that needs help placing a German Shepherd in their care by cross posting the dog’s story on our website and other social media outlets, as well as aiding in the adoption application process, including home visitations, transportation and meetings between adopters and dogs.  We offer to help struggling rescue organizations by providing free consulting in best practices.   We provide to the public free educational materials about the virtues of animal rescue and information on proper dog care and basic dog handling procedures as well as guidance towards finding appropriate professionals to assist in dog care, be it training, nutrition, behavioral, or veterinary care.

One day we hope to have our own facility that will allow us to expand beyond the Tri-State area.  Until that time we rely on the love, care, and dedication of our foster homes and rescue friendly facilities to help us fulfill our mission.