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Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary Shellie

Help Shellie With Her Surgery

Sweet Shellie was found wandering the streets of the big city late last year. She wound up at a local shelter with days left before she was set to be euthanized, when we rescued her.   When we rescued Shellie we knew she had some potential medical issues, but were not aware of how severe her chronic ear infections would turn out.  After trying different protocols and medication to stabilize her infections, it became apparent that Shellie needed a surgery called total ear ablation.  This is when they completely remove her ear canal.  The surgery was performed on her left ear and was successful, but expensive.  She also needs continued medication and flush in her right ear.  Please help us by donating to Shellie’s care.  Donations go directly to help defray the costs of Shellie’s surgery and ongoing medical treatment.