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Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary – A German Shepherd Rescue

Servicing New Jersey, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, Manhattan,
and parts of New York

Fostering For Sedona

Quite simply, fostering for Sedona is saving the life of a German Shepherd. The highest risk dogs to be euthanized at a shelter are large breed dogs and senior dogs. Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary is the last chance many of these beautiful animals will have to get out of a shelter and into a loving home.

Sedona provides


  • Full costs for all medical care
  • A group of dedicated and experienced volunteers to assist you in your fostering journey
  • A back up plan for when you need to go away on vacation or when any unexpected need occurs
  • A crate for crate training, if necessary



Sedona’s dogs are


  • Fully evaluated and vetted prior to coming into our program
  • Are up to date on all necessary shots and vaccinations
  • Are of good temperament and do not have aggressive issues towards people